Our society is a technical one. We all may not have been born with an iPad in our hands (like kids today), but we all sure as heck know how to use one. Technological advances have improved our lives in many ways, but do you even know where those began?

It’s interesting to go back a few years and see what these iconic pieces of technology, that we use everyday, started out looking like. Early concepts for the iPad were bulky and ridiculous compared to today, and that’s not even the craziest one of this list. Just check them out.

1.) Touch tone Phone.

This was the first concept model from Bell Labs of a touch tone phone.

2.) Laptop Keyboard.

This laptop keyboard from Apple actually looks pretty similar to the ones today.

3.) The X-Box video game system.

Back in 2001 when the X-Box was first announced it was introduced to the world as a giant X. Luckily it lost a few pounds before being released later that year.

4.) Apple Earbuds.

We see people using these iconic white headphones everyday, but they used to be clear.

5.) Cell phones.

This is the world’s first cell phone from 1973. It weighed almost 5 pounds.

6.) Precursor to the iPhone and iPad.

Before the iPhone and iPad, there was the Apple Newton. This handy little messaging device understandably never took off.

7.) Synthesizers.

Nowadays most synthesizers are software based, but they started out as huge analogue machines like the Moog pictured here.

8.) The Playstation video game system.

This Playstation concept was put together during a short alliance between Nintendo and Sony in 1998. However licensing agreements caused the partnership to dissolve.

9.) Nintendo.

This was an early concept for Nintendo’s breakthrough video game system. In a wise move, Nintendo changed the design drastically before it was released.

10.) iPad

Look how far we’ve come…

(Via: Ebaum’s World)

Wow, I am thankful that we live in such an era of amazing technology. (Not to mention light technology you can actually carry without throwing out your back.) Share this old prototypes with your friends on Facebook by clicking below. 

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