When terrorists open fired at the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya this week, many innocent lives were lost. Men, women and children were victims of a group of terrorists storming the mall with automatic weapons and opening fire.

Two of those who lost their lives that tragic day were humanitarians, Ross Langdon and Elif Yavuz. They were lovers… and she was 8.5 months pregnant.

Ross and Elif were supremely happy. They were both doing what they loved and they were together.

Elif was working for the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and Ross had been involved with a number of projects across Africa, which included designing an HIV-Aids hospital in Kenya free of charge.

Both were dedicated to making the lives of others better, spending their lives improving the world around them.

When terrorists entered the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya, Ross and Elif were inside. Her baby was due to be born in just two weeks.

They were tragically caught in the shooting. When their bodies were found, Ross was protectively wrapping his arms around his partner that was 8.5 months pregnant.

Even in death, Ross protected his beloved and their unborn child. It’s hard not to shed tears for people so in love losing their lives – especially when one of those people was an unborn child.

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