It’s hard to have faith in different police forces after seeing disheartening and unforgivable acts of brutality committed by officers. It seems more often than not that many police officers are just high school bullies trying to top each pounding until they actually hurt someone permanently (and are then rarely held accountable). …but that’s not always the case. In fact, there are many wonderful officers of the law out there. 

The police force of Reykjavik should your perception. Reykjavik is the capitol of the elf-haven of Iceland and one of the safest cities on Earth. So if there’s no trouble afoot, what do these cops even do all day? Hang out, mostly. And be adorable. Here are some pictures of the happy cops of Reykjavik, along with the people they’re sworn to protect.

I kinda want to see Officer Lōgreglan eat tranquilly eat this cotton candy to the ‘Cops’ theme.

“Officer, make sure to not hold this coffee by the lid. Don’t want it to spill, it’s very hot.”

Here is Officer Lōgreglan and his partner gathering evidence on the missing dog case.

They found him! Nice work Lōgreglan and Kitty.

“Hey you can’t skateboard here! Not like a square anyway. Lemme show you how it’s done, n00bz!”

Here’s a cutie at the precinct gym.

Hey are these officers bribing the citizens?

Another cutie at the precinct gym.

This officer’s job is to make sure all the benches are comfy enough for the Reykjavík hobos to sleep on.

“Bad boys, bad boys. Whatchya gonna do? Whatchya gonna do when they cone for you?”

Pink is definitely this officer’s color.

Makes you almost want to get arrested in Reykjavik just to hang out with these guys, right? They’re having TOO much fun. 

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