Walking home recently, a man by the name of Jaden Bashaw noticed something strange in a storm drain: a baby deer, trapped and begging to be rescued. That’s when he called the local police department and met Officer Dave Shinaver. The officer stopped at nothing to rescue the little one from this dire situation.

This fawn would never have made it out alive without some intervention.

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To reach him, Officer Shinaver removed the grate and stepped inside.

And just like that, the little nugget was pulled to safety!

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How cute is that?

Of course, they had to take a quick selfie together.

After that, it was finally time for the fawn to go home.

Check out the whole rescue mission for yourself in the video below.

(via BuzzFeed)

Thanks to these kind passersby, this little one’s life wasn’t cut short. Let’s just hope that its mom was waiting somewhere nearby!

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