Despite society’s complete fascination with zombies, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who actually believes that zombies are real. But what if I told you that there’s a story out there that might just prove the existence of zombies after all?

Universe, meet Clairvius Narcisse.

Narcisse lived on the island of Haiti in the small village of L’ Estere. Despite being in perfect health, Narcisse fell ill one day in 1962.

When his family took him to the hospital, doctors were stumped by the man’s mysterious illness. They treated him with antibiotics and sent him on his way. Within 24 hours, however, Narcisse was dead. At least that’s what everyone thought, anyway.

As it turns out, Narcisse wasn’t as dead as his relatives believed.


Narcisse later reported that he was completely aware of his surroundings when everyone else thought he was dead, but he was unable to move. After he was buried, he said that several men dug him up and administered an herbal mind-control drug. After that, he was taken to a secret sugar plantation where he worked alongside fellow “zombies” for two years.

He and the rest of the slaves were given regular doses of the drug.

After two years of labor, the master of the plantation suddenly died. The unexpected death caused problems with drug supply. Deprived of the drug, Narcisse regained control of his mind and escaped.

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For the next 18 years, Narcisse hid his identity, until the death of his brother. Narcisse claims that his brother was the person responsible for poisoning him and selling him into slavery.

When his brother finally died, Narcisse returned home and confronted his relatives. Needless to say, they were suspicious of this man who claimed to be their long-dead relative. However, he was able to answer a number of questions with information that only the real Narcisse would know.

An investigation into Narcisse’s story by several American researchers in the 1980s surprisingly concluded that Narcisse may have been telling the truth.


That being said, many modern scientists dismiss his claims. They blame unskilled doctors for what happened to him.


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Is Narcisse’s story fact or fiction? At this point, we might never know for sure. That just makes his tale all the more terrifying.

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