My cat does a lot of weird things that I don’t understand. However, there is one strange trait that I can explain, and that’s the way he shakes his butt before pouncing.

If you have cats, you’ve probably noticed that they like to give their rumps a good shake before pouncing to attack. I used to chalk it up to cats just being cute or funny, but as it turns out, the butt-shake is an integral part of their innate hunting instincts.

From the time they are small kittens, cats shake their rears before pouncing. Why? It’s all about balance, contrary to my belief that it was all for the sake of cute cat videos.

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When a house cat or larger feline, like a tiger or lion, is gearing up for a pounce, they shake their butt in order to test their balance. As they hunker down and shake, their body elongates and weight is transferred to their back paws.

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