It doesn’t have to be Arbor Day for us all to take a moment and appreciate the arboreal beauty we’re supplied with all over the world. For city dwellers like me, it’s a nice reminder that not all high rises are made of steel and concrete. Take a look at these amazing finds from across the globe. Mother nature really knows how to make ’em.

1. A Circus Tree: formed by 6 sycamore trees that were shaped, bent and braided.

2. The Japanese Flame Tree.

3. A Dragon’s Blood tree, the sap inside is blood red.

4. An underwater mangrove tree.

5. A tropical tree in Honolulu, Hawaii.

6. This tree doesn’t let stones get in it’s way.

7. Shady beech trees in Northern Ireland.

8. A tunnel of 1,000 year old yew trees in Wales.

9. A 3,000 year old olive tree.

10. A 3,200 year old tree in the Sequoia National Park. (This photo was created by combining 126 images.)

Doesn’t get any better than that. Suck it, CGI. Share the natural beauty with your friends by clicking the link below.

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