Just because it’s summertime, it doesn’t mean you can drop everything and head to the beach. You can, however, imagine yourself walking on the white, red, and green sands of these awesomely unique beaches. (That’s right. Red.)

If leaving a cool air-conditioned room is too much for even your mind to handle, don’t worry, one of the featured beaches is also climate controlled. So put on your mental swimsuit and head to these distinct destinations!

1.) Big Major Cay AKA “Pig Beach” – Nassau, Bahamas

You can swim with wild pigs at this crystal clear beach in the Bahamas.

2.) Jokulsarlon Lagoon – Iceland

You wouldn’t think the northern lights could be seen from a beach…

3.) Kaihalulu Beach AKA “Red Sand Beach” – Maui, Hawaii

Rust-red lava cinder cliffs are the reason why this beach has beautiful red sand.

4.) Driftwood Beach – Jekyll Island, Georgia

This beach is a tree graveyard, a hauntingly beautiful spot to enjoy a sunset.

5.) Jervis Bay AKA “The Beach With The Whitest Sand In The World” – New South Wales, Australia

The sands on this beach hold the Guinness World Record for being the whitest in the world. Bring your sunglasses!

6.) Papakolea Beach (Green Sand) – Kau, Hawaii

One of only FOUR green sand beaches in the world, this beach gets it’s color from the mineral olivine (which is olive green).

7.) Marietas Island AKA “The Hidden Beach” – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

These islands were formed by volcanic activity… and this hidden beach is just one of the many treasures here.

8.) Versace Hotel’s Climate-Controlled Beach – Dubia, United Arab Emirates

If you hate all of that pesky weather, this fancy climate-controlled beach is for you (no matter how expensive).

9.) Qingdao Huiquan Beach AKA “The World’s Most Crowded Beach” – Shandong, China

Good luck trying to find a spot for your towel.

10.) Glass Beach – MacKerricher State Park, California

Pollution was actually the reason this beautifully unique beach was formed. Nearby residents would dump their trash in the ocean. Over time, the water wore down the various glass and plastics, creating this beach.

11.) Barra Airpot – Traigh Mhor, Scotland

This beach is the only one in the world that is used as a runway for airplanes.

12.) Gulpiyuri Beach (Entirely Inland) – Llanes, Spain

This Spanish beach isn’t anywhere near a sea or ocean. It’s filled with water from a series of underground tunnels, carved by the salt water of the Cantabrian Sea.

13.) Hot Water Beach – Coromandel Peninsula – New Zealand

This New Zealand beach is located over underground hot springs, which filter up through the sand.

14.) Schooner Gulch AKA “Bowling Ball Beach” – Mendocino, California

This beach is covered with bowling ball-like rocks, created via a geological phenomena known as “concretion.” The sedimentary rock is formed by a natural process, even though it looks alien.

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All beaches are beautiful, but these strange beaches are definitely worth adding to your bucket list (but not for just sunbathing). Share these strange places with others by clicking on the button below.

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