The internet is replete with videos and memes that point out all of the hidden messages that Disney content has to offer.

And if you’re a lover of all things Mickey, you’ve probably seen them all, right? Well, maybe not. It seems like clever observers and animators alike come out with more and more hidden gems every day, so if you want to keep up, then you should probably check these out.

Why not put your Disney expertise to the test?

1. “Beauty and the Beast” was the first prestige Disney film to use Computer Animation Production System (CAPS) technology, which was developed by Pixar. It’s what allowed them to create the famous ballroom scene.

2. Peter Cullen, who voices Optimus Prime in the new films, also voiced Eeyore back in the day.

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3. “Pocahontas” is the only Disney princess movie based on true events.

4. Animators drew inspiration for the Beast from a whole slew of animals.

5. Alyssa Milano was used as a reference when animators drew Ariel.

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6. The stuffed animal in this scene from “Tarzan” is actually Little Brother from “Mulan.”

7. Rapunzel is the only Disney princess with green eyes.

8. Simba’s roar was actually that of a tiger, since sound techs working on the movie determined that a lion’s roar wouldn’t have been powerful enough.

9. A statue of Hans from “Frozen” can be seen in “Big Hero 6.”

10. Tiana is the only princess with a real job.

11. Wall-E’s name is actually a riff on Walter Elias Disney.

12. Jasmine and Mulan are the only princesses who wear pants.

13. Belle and the Prince’s final dance in “Beauty and the Beast” is actually just a reanimated version of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip’s dance in “Sleeping Beauty.”

14. Eeyore’s name was inspired by the British cockney pronunciation of “hee-haw.” Fitting!

Do you really know your stuff when it comes to Disney’s secrets? I certainly don’t.

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