Optical illusions are such fun because, even if you know your eyes are being fooled, they are fooled anyway. It’s a wonderful feeling, to get lost in an illusion. That’s why, as a kid, Eye Spy books were the best. A talented artist by the name of Josh Sommers created some optical illusions that I think are just too cool not to share. He is a photographer and artist specializing in photo illustration, photo manipulation, panoramic and landscape photography… and boy, is he good. They may seem simple, but you’ll just keep staring when you realize how intricate and confusing these are.

There is no start, there is no end.

Balance? Forget about it.

This seems simple… but it’s not.

A new twist on a classic illusion.

Wait, what?!

Woah… I could just keep staring.

This can’t be built… right?

But where dose that pillar go?!

Wait a second… my perspective just keeps changing.

Your eyes won’t be able to follow this.

What the…?

Escape would be impossible.

At least they are helping each other out.

See what I mean? These images are so trippy. Share them with others by clicking below, or check out more of Josh’s work online.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/josh-sommers-optical-illusion/

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