As the field of medicine grew and developed throughout history, scientists discovered hundreds of different ways to treat our ailments. Some stuck, but others, not so much. Here are some of the medical equipment and procedures that were invented throughout the decades. A Redditor shared this chill-inducing gallery online. All I can say is that modern medicine doesn’t seem so scary any more…

1.) Tanning babies to offset winter rickets in the Chicago Orphan Asylum (1925).

2.) A Walter Reed physiotherapy (1920s).

3.) An obstetric model used to help students learn about childbirth in an Italian medical school (1700-1800).

4.) A shy woman and her full artificial leg (1890-1900).

5.) A field kit for a Civil War surgeon (1860s).

6.) Dr. Clark’s Spinal Apparatus advertisement (1878)

7.) Lewis Sayre’s scoliosis treatment (1850-1900).

8.) Antique birthing chair (1800s).

9.) Early surgical procedure using ether as an anesthetic (1855-1860).

10.) Radioactive water (1900s).

11.) Radiology nurse technician in WWI France (1918).

12.) Post-mortem brain hemorrhage.

13.) A neurological exam with electrical device (1884).

14.) Wooden prosthetic hand (1800).

15.) A collection of facial prosthetics to hide injuries (1900s).

16.) An antique prosthetic leg.

17.) Traditional blood transfusion bottle from England (1978).

18.) Doctors wearing plague doctor masks, whose beaks were filled with strong smelling substances like lavender (1600s+).

Those plague masks literally haunt my dreams. That is the opposite of what I would want to see if I were sick and dying of the Bubonic plague. Source: Reddit History can be strange, but share it with others.

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