Coincidences happen every day. Oftentimes, people try to attach meaning to them or take them as some kind of sign from the universe. In reality, they’re called coincidences for a reason – they’re just accidents by chance that have no real connection. But none of that means they can’t be hilarious, intriguing, or even make people look really, really stupid. These 18 photos below are all great examples. Check them out.

1. Nice eyes, you guys.

2. Well, ya don’t say?

3. Gotta say, the odds are even lower since it’s a double rainbow.

4. Somewhere out there, Bill Murray is crying with joy.

5. He may be bad at driving, but he’s awesome at predictions.

6. I hope you were being sarcastic, mug.

7. Now that’s a hot RV.

8. IKEA, where cheap lamps and boyfriends are made.

9. Awkwaaaaaaard.

10. Hey girl, nice cups.

11. Gotta hand it to her, she technically wasn’t swearing.

12. Ah-ha! What goes around, comes around. Even bunny ears.

13. He and his socks were made to be together.

14. This is where it all started…

15. My entire life was a lie thanks to you, pasta.

16. Time traveler alert!

17. Well, what did they expect a baby Superman to do?

18. Black Friday at Wal-Mart is better when you can travel through time.

Although I don’t attribute any real meaning to any of this, I must say it would be great to live in a world where time traveling is real and little boys with Superman outfits are invincible. If you found these photos funny, interesting or otherwise worthy of your time… share them below.

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