One day, a Reddit user decided to ask others a very important question: What’s your best life advice? As it turns out, the Internet had a lot to say and the thread was overrun with some of the best, uplifting life advice you’ll ever see. We chose some of the best that we think you should see. Get ready to have your world view turned upside down (and that’s a good thing). Many of these answers come from famous and/or successful people, such as Drew Carey and David Spade. Pay attention to the usernames to see who they are:

1.) Learn to be happy.

2.) Do what you love.

3.) We’re all in this together.

4.) Don’t forget about helping others, but you need to help yourself first..

5.) Keep GOOD people around you.

6.) Know how to love deeply.

7.) All things must pass.

8.) Always learn. Always.

9.) Follow these simple rules.

10.) Get rid of your stress.

11.) Don’t stay down after getting hit.

12.) There’s really no such thing as luck.

13.) Follow your passion, whatever it is.

14.) Don’t gossip on the phone OR in person.

15.) Failures are a big opportunity.

16.) You might not realize this about happiness.

17.) Listen to your gut.

18.) Keep an open mind, basically.

19.) Goals are good.

20.) Listen to these 2 things.

These epic responses are a result of “uberlad” to creating the site 29 Years, 365 Days. It’s updated with some of the best life advice posts, every day of the year. If you’re feeling low on inspiration, you should definitely visit it. Source: Reddit Share this post with others; you’l really help them out.

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