Halloween may only be one day, but our appreciation for a creative costume is year-round! Why buy the same Scream mask as everybody else when you can show up to a party wearing a public declaration of how clever you are (no one needs to know that you couldn’t afford any of the store-bought options)? That’s what these people did–and look how much pun they had! Not to worry, it can only go up from here. Check out these pun-based costumes!

1.) Heisen-burger

2.) Binders Full of Women

3.) Rachael Ray

4.) Mail-order Bride

5.) Deer in Headlights

6.) Farmer in the Dell

7.) Grapes of Wrath

8.) Spelling Bees

9.) Tie Fighters

10.) Gang Green

11.) L-Key-holic

12.) Bag of Eminems

13.) Han Solo Cup

14.) Playdough

15.) Florence and the Machine

16.) Radiohead

17.) Snakes on a Plane

18.) Cereal Killer

19.) Pot Head (Thank you for explaining!)

20.) Peter Pan

21.) Hawaiian Punch

22.) Iron Man

(H/T Smosh) They must have entire rooms in their homes dedicated to storing their costume contest trophies. At the very least, one to store all of the materials it takes to make costumes. Share these clever costumes using the button below.

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