When you’re looking for love, it’s hard to find that one special person. Most times if someone asked you to describe the love of your life before you met them, you’d have no idea what to say.

But it’s those rare moments we live for when something clicks with your partner and all you can think is “I can’t imagine being without this person.” Sometimes it’s something silly that does it or something you weren’t expecting.

Here are 26 couples that just get it.

1.) The key to a long lasting relationship is a high tolerance for lactose.

2.) Marriage is the ultimate buddy system.

3.) You need to be able to coordinate with your partner.

4.) A real life Mr. and Mrs. Smith

5.) Making the ultimate breakfast sacrifice for love.

6.) Willie Nelson said it best, “You’re always on my mind.”

7.) True love means being brave enough to ride a Segway in public with each other.

8.) Mutual interests are key.

9.) Breakfast in bed should be a surprise, and be pizza.

10.) This is probably the answer to soooo many relationship problems.

11.) Sometimes you need to take things literally.

12.) You need to keep that sense of adventure alive, even if it’s just a trip down the frozen food aisle.

13.) It’s the little things.

14.) Sometimes good chemistry never dies.

15.) Knowing how to cook is always a plus.

16. Pizza is the fastest way to their heart.

17.) Laughter is an essential ingredient.

18.) Nick Cage can also be a powerful aphrodisiac for some couples.

19.) You need to be willing to share everything in a relationship.

20.) You’ve got to keep things silly from time to time.

21.) Two brains are better than one, especially when it comes to couple’s costumes.

22.) Love finds you in the strangest places

23.) It’s nice to make an effort to dress sexy for your partner.

24.) Coupley vacation photos are a must.

25.) Puns make the ultimate apology letters.

26.) Sometimes you just need a night reconnecting with old friends.

(via: Buzzfeed)

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