Being awkward is a gift you were given when you were born (even if you didn’t ask for it). Some people are naturally photogenic, at-ease in social situations and don’t get anxious over every interaction. 

These animals are not like those people. These awkward creatures are the spirit animal of anyone who has ever tripped over their words in public. If you’ve made yourself look like a total fool, these animals can be your support group. They’re way worse. 


1.) For some reason, no one visits Leo at the zoo.

2.) Cheese?

3.) How all cats REALLY feel about their humans.

4.) Fish? What fish?

5.) Balto didn’t like feeling rejected on BBQ night.

6.) Ferdinand never had a girlfriend. Poor Ferdinand.

7.) This is why donkeys don’t get dates.

8.) Mr. Ed was a social pariah before he was famous.

9.) The Shorthaired Derp Dog is majestic and awkward.

10.) Tapirs: the always-awkward.

11.) No, he was NOT ready for his close-up.

12.) Tonight, I’ll steal your 3 day-old garbage. Eeexxxxcellent.

13.) Tapirs are always picked last in gym class.

14.) “What? I AM smiling.”

15.) Who said camels were cool?


17.) Everyone thinks they can pull off a smirk.

18.) BACON?

19.) Meh. I don’t have any otter things to do.

20.) No need to brag about your lunch, orangutan.

21.) Billy goats always think they’re so cool…

22.) Oh mannnnn, I hope she can’t tell I’m blushing…

23.) Gir-awkward.

24.) Falling in love can look spectacularly awkward.


26.) And I was like, honey, you can’t bee serious!!


28.) The day Snowball saw the new puppy.

29.) Moon Moon never really got the hang of hunting. Or eating.


31.) Some dogs are cute when they sleep. Ginger is not.

32.) I hope you don’t mind my ruining your perfectly good picture of Machu Piccu. K, thx.

33.) I can has… tongue?

34.) This is what happens when you let the cat out, but keep the dog in.

(H/T Distractify)

Oh, the awkward animal, captured in its natural habitat. We love you. Stay awkwardly awesome. Click on the button below to share these animal weirdos with others! 

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