The human race is full of powerful problem solvers. Thankfully, a few of our greatest thinkers have directed their mental power towards something useful: nap pods. Take a break from your job and explore the future of taking a break from your job. These things are INSANE.

1. It’s the first time “you’ll sleep with the fishes” was meant in a good way.

2. Just don’t roll over.

3. How is she dry?

4. WOW.

5. Even better…

6. Hanging garden nap.

7. This lakeside getaway is making me sleepy…

8. Sofa beds might be man’s greatest invention.

9. Nap by the poolside.

10. Tubs can make great nap spots too.

11. Bravo, Croatia. Bravo.

12. Infinity bed = Infinity nap.

13. Nap with a view.

14. I dreamed this would happen…

15. I’ve always wanted to try this.

16. Poolside, drink in hand. Nap time.

17. How about a nap in the secret garden?

18. You can always nap well in a magical garden.

19. This. Is. Awesome.

20. The Manu nesting chair looks funny, but is amazing.

21. Great nap at Black Diamond Hanging Cliff, but how do I get down?

22. Napping off the coast of Maldives. Whoa.

23. Lantern lit ocean = slumber time.

24. Cozy attic loft. Yes please.

25. Let’s nap on Cloud 9.

26. Take a nap with some afternoon tea.

27. Please take me Oceanside.

28. Boating always means napping.

29. Napping with a bar that’s within reach.

30. You could nap in this fairy tale cottage.

31. Can you imagine curling up on a cold day here?

32. This one is for sale on eBay. Oh wait… just bought it.

33. I want to cozy up with a book in this reading nook.

34. So many pillows… I’m sleepy already.

35. Crawl in here during a rainstorm. Instant nap.

36. How could you not nap there?

37. Try napping in the middle of the ocean sometime.

38. Not sure if I could sleep a wink here.

39. I can swing myself to sleep with this…

40. Nap like a King.

41. This solves so many problems.

42. Get a great nap on safari at the Naibor Private Retreat in Kenya.

43. For those who just can’t crawl to bed.

44. Just don’t dream about snakes.

Ever dreamed of sleeping over the water?  No, not on a waterbed.  Click next page and see how you can!

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