Relationships are a wonderful part of life. But, because of that, it also means that sometimes break-ups are going to be a part of life, too. Being separated from the person you were with (whether it was your idea or not) is always hard. However, these 9 people found an awesome way to initiate a break-up. (Although, I doubt the people receiving these letters were too pleased.)

1.) Well, that was thorough.

2.) I love her positive tone.

3.) Quick and to the point. I like it.

4.) The giraffe DOES make it better.

5.) Wow. Kid, that’s rough.

6.) Talk about mixed messages.

7.) At least he was sad about it.

8.) Here’s hoping he is a better roommate than he is a boyfriend.

9.) Every break-up should come with a pizza.

If someone broke up with me, but gave me a pizza and a tiny drawing of a giraffe, it’d be seriously hard to be mad. … at least until I was done eating pizza.

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