We all know our founding fathers are the reason we don’t live under British rule today.

As kids, we were educated on their heroic actions and all the amazing accomplishments they made. What many of us didn’t learn in school, however, were the weird, funny, and embarrassing facts surrounding these seemingly noble men. Get ready to see five of your founding fathers in a whole new (and unflattering) light.

1. Benjamin Franklin — the man on a mission to make farts more bearable.

  • Franklin wrote an essay in the late 1700s asking scholars to find ways to improve the smell of flatulence.
  • Franklin was a big fan of letting it all hang out, as he regularly enjoyed being naked in his house while reading or writing.
  • Franklin was all for simplying the English language much like younger people do today. Instead of “though,” “through,” and “night,” he preferred “tho,” “thru,” and “nite.” Seriously, tho.
  • Franklin was against using the bald eagle as a national symbol. He called it “a bird of bad moral character” that “does not get his living honestly.”

2. John Adams — the owner of Satan.

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3. George Washington — a librarian’s worst nightmare.

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4. Alexander Hamilton’s political career and reputation were ruined when it came to light that he’d been having an affair.

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5. Thomas Jefferson — “Beware the giant sloth!”

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