In the world of photography, there are many different ways to set yourself apart from your peers. Styles and subjects are just two factors, but there are plenty of others. Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto’s black and white animal photography is very special, although it’s impossible to tell why at first. Take a look at his series of photos. This extensive series give a unique perspective; each photo is filled with beautiful light and activity. Check them out:

Something special sets Hiroshi Sugimoto’s photos apart from other wildlife photography.

But it’s not apparent at first.

Can’t see it yet?

All of the animals are actually stuffed. They’re not real.

This series is called “Dioramas.”

None of these photos are of real animals.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Source: Hiroshi Sugimoto via My Modern Met It’s unbelievable that each of these photographs contain fake animals and scenes. Because of the lighting and forced perspective, each of them seem so real. According to The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, “By photographing subjects that reimagine or replicate moments from the distant past, Sugimoto critiques the medium’s presumed capacity to portray history with accuracy.” Hiroshi’s style of photography is so unique, click below to share it with others.

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