By day, Michael Clinard is a talented advertisement photographer, working with big names like Fortune. At night, however, he uses his skills for something entirely different.

Clinard creates “facial hallucinations” that are inspired by the severe lack of sleep he experienced when his twins were born. He said, “Off and on spurts of sleep here and there on account of newborn twins. Maybe 5-7 days of washing bottles, prepping new milk feedings; these are self-portraits.” Take a look!

A lack of sleep is enough to make anyone feel a little crazy, but Clinard wanted to capture that madness on film.

He was able to create these visually striking images by using strobe lights and minute-long exposure times.

He also uses natural sources of light in his work, such as in this image that utilizes pure moonlight.

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Clinard has even brought his kids in on the fun! That baby looks seriously confused.

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This video sets Clinard’s photography in motion and depicts a feeling that I’m sure every parent can relate to.

Keep up the great work, Michael! And thanks for the reminder to never, ever have kids.

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