Forensic science is the fastest growing branch in modern crime investigation (most likely due to the popularity of crime shows such as Law & Order and CSI). But how does one train to be a forensic scientist, short of waiting for suitable corpses to practice on?

The answer is in these terrifyingly realistic dolls that are designed to look like various types of murder victims. They’re pretty nasty to look at, but when has the field of forensic science ever been for the faint of heart?

Here’s a decomposed corpse with its clavicle and three ribs exposed.

This corpse exhibits a pressure sore.

This decomposed female corpse was designed to exhibit signs of purging.

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A decomposed corpse of a woman in her 30s with “insect presence” is as gross as it sounds.

Although this male corpse was shot in the head, it displays no exit wound.

Here is an anatomically correct skeleton.

This female corpse received a gunshot wound to the head with a shot gun.

This mutilated corpse exhibits something known in the forensic field as “splatterhead.”

Well, today I learned that I am far too squeamish to become a forensic scientist. Seriously, some of these are so realistic that I swear I can smell their decay through the screen!

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