Have you ever met someone who said they weren’t a “dog person”? They’re rare, but they are out there. And they are idiots. Smart people know the truth: dogs are 100% the best. They’re like four legged balls of fluffy love and loyalty. 

There are some amazing canines who go above and beyond to bring safety and comfort to others. You’d be hard-pressed to find a human who’s this selfless. Take a look.

1.) Minta: Before 8 year old Jacob met Minta, his severe autism made it difficult for him to communicate and he was so lonely he hardly ever smiled. Now the two are inseparable and Jacob’s confidence grows everyday.

2.) Kabang: This Philippines pup might shock you when you first see her, but her facial injuries were a result of rescuing to little girls from an oncoming motorcycle.

3.) Killan: This distinguished dog’s owners noticed it acting strangely aggressive to the babysitter of their 7-month old son. Based on the odd behavior, they left a camera to record the sitter the next time she came to watch the infant and discovered she had been physically and verbally abusing the small child.

4.) Zoey: Tiny but fierce, this chihuahua stepped in between her owner’s infant child and a rattlesnake. She suffered a bite just above her eyes but made a full recovery.

5.) Bandit: This family was lucky to be pup-sitting this adorable guy when someone forgot about sterilizing a hairbrush on the stove and left it boiling all night, causing a fire. Bandit smelled the smoke and alerted the family before the fire could spread past the stove.

6.) Neo: When his owner suffered hypoglycemic shock, Neo ran to a nearby and brought people back with him who rushed her to the hospital where she made a full recovery.

7.) Meg: After being rescued herself from cruelty that led the sweet girl to lose her leg, the RSPCA sheltering her noticed she would often stare up at the ceiling and whine. When they investigated, they discovered five kittens.

8.) Roxanne: When her family’s house caught on fire, Roxanne barked until they woke up and were able to find safety.

9.) Belle: This beautiful beagle dialed 911 by biting into her owner’s cell phone when he suffered a diabetic seizure.

10.) Honey: When the SUV she and her owner were in overturned, she was barely able to squeeze out and brought help with her to save the man’s life.

11.) Trakr: After the tragic events on September 11, 2001, Trakr was one of the many dogs used to help sniff out survivors and was responsible for locating the last living victim who had been pinned under 30 feet of debris.

12.) Orlando: While at a New York City subway platform, Orlando’s blind owner fell onto the tracks and was knocked unconscious as a train approached. Orlando jumped down and laid on top of his owner, saving him from the impact.

13.) Patty: While duck hunting out in North Atlantic waters with her owner, their boat capsized and the man clung to her tail as she swum them to safety.

14.) Nellie: This gorgeous girl used was able to alert her deaf owner when an intruder broke into their home.

15.) Katrina: The aptly named black lab saved her drowning owner during the floods of Hurricane Katrina.

16.) Rocky: A Colorado police dog, Rocky chased down a burglar and even suffered a bullet wound, but it didn’t stop him from nabbing the crook.

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Show this to the next “cat person” you meet and they’ll probably change their mind.

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