Only the most passionate TV fans know their favorite characters by both their on- and off-screen names.

Services such as IMBD allow avid television and movie fans to keep up to date with their favorite actors and their next big gigs. But what happens when the cast of a show like “Game of Thrones” consists of not only humans, but a variety of animals that might just steal our hearts?

In season one of “Game of Thrones,” we were introduced to Summer and Grey Wind, two of the direwolves that were taken in by the Starks. They quickly became fan favorites, and many praised the production staff for using real animals instead of CGI. What some don’t know is that the real lives of these puppy actors are almost as incredible as the epic series that made them famous.

Meet Odin and Thor, who are really just your average Northern Inuit dogs.

Unlike most dogs, however, they just so happened to star in one of the world’s most popular television shows.

Their owner, William Mulhall, received a call about the show just a few weeks after taking home the then-seven-week-old puppies.

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