Unless you have allergies, you may not pay much attention the labels on the products you buy.

When you take a closer look, there are tons of symbols on product packaging that most of us never see or pay attention to. They all mean something different, but it’s hard to know exactly what unless it’s explained on the packaging itself. Here’s what some common symbols mean and how you can use them to meet your needs.

1. The OU symbol, represented by a U inside a circle, means a product is kosher and has high manufacturing quality and practices.

Products can also be found with a D, M, or F next to the OU symbol, indicating the product contains dairy, meat, or fish. This can be incredibly helpful for those who keep kosher or have allergies.

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2. The Product After Opening (PAO) symbol can be found on cosmetics, and the period of time the product will last after breaking its seal is represented in months inside or next to the jar.

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