With the recent uproar over Islam in Europe and the U.S. in light of ISIS attacks, there has been a great deal of scrutiny over whether the religion is aggressive at its core — and more pointedly, whether the Quran itself is the cause.

To find out, two men from the Netherlands behind the YouTube channel Dit Is Normal took to the streets to conduct an experiment. Disguising a Bible as a copy of the Quran and highlighting some of the most shocking parts to read to people on the street, they wanted to find out what others thought about the text. Wait until you see what happened when they did.

What should we take away from this? That our view of Muslim people should not be tainted by the actions of so few? That the media controls our perspective on the world? I’d argue that it’s all of the above.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/quran-experiment/

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