All across the globe there is this horrible stigma that being different is evil.

Some people believe that if you don’t look, talk, or act like everyone else, you’re basically the spawn of Satan. And while I know this to be false, the people in the south Indian state of Kerala haven’t quite gotten the memo.

When local farmer V. Chandra came across a baby goat that was born without eyes and had human-like lips, his neighbors were quick to write-off the tiny kid as evil and told the man to let the animal die.

The deformed kid was abandoned after it was unable to feed from its mother.

The goat suffers from a rare disease known as anophthalmia, which can cause an absence of ocular tissue and is usually the result genetic mutations or exposure to chemicals or other viruses.

Chandra and his wife have ignored the town’s ignorance and have instead decided to begin hand-rearing the goat by themselves.

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