If you’ve ever taken public transportation, you know that weirdos abound.

I’m sure that Canadian Tim McLean, a frequent rider of public buses, had a variety of tactics in his arsenal when it came to avoiding said weirdos. But on the night of July 30, 2008, no strategy could have saved him from what happened.

The incident took place near the small city of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, on a bus trip from Edmonton to McLean’s hometown of Winnipeg.


McLean, pictured below, used Greyhound bus services frequently, since he traveled the country working as a carnival barker. On this particular trip, he was heading home after working at a fair in Alberta.

As the bus made its way along the Yellowhead Highway through Saskatchewan, it made a stop in Ericsson, Manitoba, where a passenger named Vince Weiguang Li boarded the vehicle.

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Li sat up front initially, but he eventually made his way to the back of the bus and took a seat next to McLean. Suddenly, he pulled out a large knife and began stabbing McLean in the neck and chest as the innocent man slept.


Hearing a commotion in the back of the bus, the driver pulled over and all of the passengers fled onto the side of the road. While locked inside the bus, Li severed McLean’s head and displayed it through the window. The madman then began hacking off more of McLean’s body parts. He even ate some of the victim’s flesh.


At trial, Li stated that he was not criminally responsible for the killing. A court psychologist found that Li was intensely disturbed and did not have the mental capacity to commit the murder with malicious intent.

Li was found not guilty and sent to a psychiatric facility. In 2016, he was released and granted permission from the government to live on his own under a different name.

(via CBC News)

I happen to ride buses quite frequently, so as you can imagine, this story is pretty unsettling to me. Looks like I’m never falling asleep on my commute again.

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