It’s an all too familiar scene we’ve seen play out on the news countless times.

A small child or prominent person from a small-town community goes missing without a trace. As the community and loved ones gather together to spend day in and day out searching for the missing person, it seems as though all hope is lost. Just when police and the search parties prepare to call off the hunt, a body is recovered.

While in most cases this is where the tragic story ends, it isn’t so for the Runions family in Kansas City, Missouri. After not one but two bodies were found in their town, this mourning family is no closer to closure for their daughter Jessica than they were before.

Twenty-one-year-old Jessica Runions first went missing in early September.

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She was last seen on September 8 after leaving a party with a group of close friends.

Two days after her disappearance, police discovered her abandoned vehicle burning in a nearby wooded area.

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While not charged with the young woman’s disappearance, police have arrested Kylr Yust in connection with the case. It is believed that Yust knowingly burned her vehicle.

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This isn’t the first time Yust has been involved in a missing persons case. In 2007, he was questioned after his girlfriend at the time, Kara Kopetsky, went missing.

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Just days before Kopetsky went missing, she issued a restraining order against Yust because of his abusive behaviors. He was never charged for Kopetsky’s disappearance.

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Family and friends have spent every week since Jessica’s disappearance searching for evidence regarding the woman’s whereabouts. In the last two weeks, they have found two bodies, neither of which are Jessica’s.

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Last Saturday, the missing woman’s father, John, came across a body in a creek bed. The body was later identified as 21-year-old Brandon Herring.

This past weekend, while searching for any signs of the missing girl or clues that could put her in the general area, John Runions’ finance came across another body while digging through leaves with a walking stick.

The second body has yet to be identified, but the case is being treated as suspicious.

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