Owning your own home comes with a lot of advantages. You feel safe, you can decorate your space, it’s an investment of your money and you can totally build secret rooms inside of it. Haven’t thought about that last one? Well, it’s about time you did. Holly Black, one of the authors behind The Spiderwick Chronicles (some awesome Victorian fantasy novels), decided to build a secret library inside of her own house. Although one may question why a person would need a secret library, once you see it you’ll want one, too.

It seems like a normal book shelf, tucked away at the bottom of a staircase.

But in reality, it’s SO much more.

It’s hiding something that I think every house should have.

A hidden passage…

Leading to a super-secret library.

It’s chock full of books and elegant furniture.

Plus, did I mention books?

There’s also a large fireplace and sitting area, perfect for reading or writing.

And it also has lots of little steampunk and vintage touches.

Having hidden rooms throughout my house is one of the only reasons I would buy a place (that and being able to rescue as many dogs as I want and form a pack that roams the neighborhood). This library can be used for work or recreation, but most importantly, it’s just cool. Source: The Steampunk Home I love what Holly did with her house. If you did, too, share it with others.

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