A 72 year-old going hunting may sound outlandish, but what this San Francisco man did after going missing while hunting is unbelievable.

Gene Penaflor was hunting with his friends. They separated and planned to meet back up for lunch, but Gene never showed. While he was out in the woods, he slipped and fell into a canyon. He was stuck where he landed and he wasn’t sure where to go.

You won’t believe just how long he survived out there on his own.

He went missing in the Mendocino National Forest for three whole weeks.

His family were thrilled to have him back home. They even said he looked pretty good, aside from the beard he had grown.

He went missing in September.

There was a four-day search for him, but it was called off when no one had any idea of his whereabouts.

Gene has been an avid hunter for the past thirty years.

His skills helped him survive. He ate squirrels, lizards and berries in the forest.

Gene was out hunting with a group when he was separated. He slipped and fell into a canyon and no one heard his shots signaling he needed help.

Luckily, a group of hunters came across the man. He stayed in one spot close to a water source and made fires to keep himself warm.

Gene’s will to survive is inspiring. I’m happy he’s back home with his family, safe and loved.


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