When it comes to haunted places, you can bet that graveyards top the list. So if that’s the case, which one is the spookiest of all?

Well, might I suggest Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery? Located just outside of Chicago, this is no ordinary cemetery. Bachelor’s Grove is abandoned, and if you believe local legends, it’s also haunted.

The story of Bachelor’s Grove begins in the year 1833, which was when it officially opened on the outskirts of what would later become Chicago.

It was established as part of Bremen Township by English settlers who were relocating from New England during the land rush.

In the years since, Bachelor’s Grove has pretty much been forgotten about by the surrounding community. Fortunately for this abandoned graveyard, a few ghosts still keep it company.

According to investigators, Bachelor’s Grove is a hotbed of paranormal activity in the area. Strange sightings of orbs and lights have been reported, and a few people swear that they saw full-bodied spirits walking among the headstones when they visited.

Freakier still are the sightings of ghostly farmers that appear to plow the grounds. In 1984, several witnesses even reported seeing a pair of figures that were dressed like monks.

Because of all the paranormal activity, Bachelor’s Grove is one of the most popular haunted places in Chicago and is a fixture on ghost hunting shows.

(via Prairie Ghosts)

Well, that seems like a fun place to be buried. Judging by these accounts, it sounds like death isn’t such a permanent state for the residents of Bachelor’s Grove.

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