Kids today with their iPads and Androids and such… they have no idea how thrilling it was to win a hand of solitaire on the Windows 98 system. They will never know the joy of seeing those jubilant fireworks and bouncing cards after placing the final king on its stack.

For the rest of us who killed time playing the game at work or while waiting on our family’s AOL 4.0 to finish making screeching sounds and finally boot up, the nostalgia is being relived with the help of artist Evan Roth.

His newest work combines real life playing cards with its pixelated counterpart, complete with iconic beach scenery. 

Unfortunately, Roth completed only 500 of these decks as a commission for The Cooper Hewitt museum and the limited stock has already sold out. But hey, there’s always hope for a “Spider Solitaire” sequel!

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