Instagram user geeohsnap is not your typical street artist. The work they do doesn’t actually leave any kind of mark on the subjects. The art is, however, created out in the open with real things and people with the same attitude behind many other physical street pieces.

Using Snapchat as their photo editor, they add cartoonish surroundings or even characters to what, without them, would be boring ol’ pictures of strangers. This Norwegian artist is really making the most of the free programs that they have on their phone and, more importantly, making fun stuff that’s sure to brighten up anybody’s day.

Fish Tank

Panda Bear Hug

Where The Wild Things Are

Horseless King

Squirrel Man

Tooth Fairy

Wile E. Coyote

Wild West


The Sword In The Stone

Studious Goat


Spirited Away


Outlaw Chicken

Bird Poop

The Walking Dead

Bread Machine

Bear Hug

(via geeohsnap, H/T BoredPanda)

Imagine being one of these people who thought they were walking through the streets of Norway totally unnoticed when they see that they’ve became part of a hilarious work of art. What an honor! For more of geeohsnap’s work, check out their Instagram page.

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