Unless you frequent restaurants with a flair for molecular gastronomy, you probably don’t sit down in front of your dinner plate with your eyes peeled for artistry.

And that’s doubly true when you’re grabbing a quick croissant on the way to work or chatting with friends over a bowl of edamame. Chocolate bars, baguettes, and stalks of asparagus don’t usually make the cut as far as aesthetics are concerned.

Unless you’re looking at them through the eyes of artist Seiji Kawasaki, that is. By poring over pieces of wood for hours on end, he’s able to create works of food-inspired art that are easily confused with the real thing.

Say what you want about hyperrealism, but it’s hard to deny the visual impact of seeing subjects we pass over every day reimagined into works of art that feel both familiar and totally new.

To learn more about Seiji Kawasaki, be sure to visit his website. For progress photos and updates, follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/realistic-food-carvings/

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