When you think of the phrase “balloon artist,” you probably see images of puffy poodles, silly swords or maybe a funny hat. But this guy has given the children’s party staple has been a mind-popping upgrade.

Jason Seconda is the owner of Airheads Entertainment where he pushes the boundaries of what you thought balloons were capable of. I just hope he’s not blowing all of these up by himself. I never thought I could be this impressed by balloons.

This is just wild.

The 40th anniversary is now the balloon year.

I’d like to try this on for size.

I hope this princess didn’t pop!

These are the scariest balloons I’ve ever seen.

Lookin’ good, gramps.

“Kiss me, I’m a balloon!”

Special delivery!

(via Twisted Sifter.)

You can find out how to book the Pennsylvania-based balloon guru for your next shindig on the company’s Facebook

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