Surviving in the wilderness can be difficult for any species, so it’s okay to take a shortcut or two.

I absolutely love watching all of those survival shows on TV. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting on my comfy couch, eating junk food, and covering up with a fuzzy blanket to watch survivalists struggle to find their bearings in nature. You do you, guys. I’ll just sit here and watch from the sidelines.

But surviving in the great outdoors isn’t just an issue for humans. It can be difficult for animals, too. Take this little bear, for example. After a long day of searching for something to eat, he finally stumbled upon a bird feeder full of seeds. He knew exactly what to do from there.

I’ve done some pretty ridiculous things for food, but this is on another level.

Honestly, I’m more impressed by this bear’s balancing act than anything else. Someone get him a gold medal!

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