After surviving a terrible car wreck, life is tough for victims, since physical and emotional scars have a way of making people feel depressed and isolated. This young woman was no exception. Following her accident, not only was her back hurt, but she was forced to wear a brace that would undoubtedly attract unwanted attention.

And that’s why she decided to do something about it and take back control of the situation. As of now, she’s rocking that back brace in such an empowering way!

This brace sticks out like a sore thumb, am I right?

That’s why she turned it into something totally new. She looks so cool!

The level of detail is pretty incredible.

And the intricate design gives her a cool steampunk vibe.

(via Reddit)

This work is important because it could help others who find themselves in similar situations get through the tough times. There’s something powerful about watching someone overcome adversity and take ownership of everything that life throws her way.

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