When we get gifts from our mother, we never think much about where they were bought. But we know she loves us, especially when we receive something beautiful and unique. So when one young man got a special package in the mail, something truly beautiful, he was impressed. But even more so when he turned it over. Kinda.

Oh look at this awesome gift. It’s just beautiful.


But then turn it over and… whoa, that leaves a mark.


Whoa. Not sure how I’d feel getting a gift made by someone convicted of sodomy. Although this present was made by a convicted felon, it’s truly great that they have learned a skill, and give back to society. And thanks to the Oregon prison system, where there’s almost no prison violence and a HUGE proportion of prisoners have some type of productive role within the prison, all prisoners get to purchase their own materials and sell whatever they make for whatever price somebody is willing to spend. It’s awesome. But still… I have my hesitations. How would you react? (H/T: Reddit) Share this… interestingly made work of art with others.

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