It’s normal for most teens and parents to butt heads over everyday issues. Chores, allowance and curfews are pretty common sore spots for most families. When this military family encountered a stand-off, the result was more epic than you’d expect. A teen girl named Hayley was having issues with her dad, a soldier based in Fort Stewart, Georgia. When he told her to clean her room multiple times, he took it seriously. Unfortunately, she did not and ignored the requests.

Haley wouldn’t listen to her dad. He asked her to clean her room multiple times.

He even gave her an ultimatum. She still refused to clean her room.

So, the soldier gave her a punishment fit for one of his own.

Haley came home from school to find her entire room set up on the driveway.

All of her personal belongings were there as well.

We have a feeling she may listen to her dad next time.

Source: Elite Daily It just goes to show you: children, heed the wishes of your parents. And parents, if your kids refuse to listen, you should start getting creative with how you exact revenge (LOL). Share this dad’s awesomeness with others.

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