From dolls with removable feet to pet rocks, there are plenty of weird toys out there.

Fortunately, there are old standbys that are decidedly less strange, like blocks, toy cars, and train sets. Well, maybe not that last one. While toy trains are typically pretty innocuous, Marc Settle of the BBC just encountered one train set’s baffling secret.

Take a look at what he discovered while he was tidying up around the house.

It seems totally insane, but here’s what’s going on.

What you’re seeing in this video is the Jastrow illusion. Discovered in 1892 by psychologist Joseph Jastrow, this illusion affects the viewer’s perception of length. Because the longest side of the bottom piece sits up against the shortest side of the top piece, it appears as though the bottom piece is larger. If you were to line up the longest sides of both pieces, however, you’d realize that they are both the same size.

Check out this video for a demonstration.

(via Mashable)

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