We are all born with natural talents and tendencies. Some people may have a great eye for interior design while others can crunch numbers like a calculator. One girl that goes by the name Promise Phan discovered that she was naturally skillful with makeup. (She’s so good, she may be some kind of incredible makeup sorceress.) She has a YouTube channel where she not only shows her finished results and crazy transformations, but she also records helpful tutorials for anyone who might want to attempt the same looks (good luck). When you see what she is able to do with just a few brushes, palettes and patience, you’ll be dumbfounded.

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik


Merida from Brave

Demi Lovato

Little Red Riding Hood

Bruno Mars

Na’vi princess

Anime doll

Alicia Keys

Corpse Bride, Sally, Maleficent and Alice

Avril Lavigne

Jennifer Lawrence

Misty from Pokemon


Jessica Alba

Stunned? She can transform herself into almost any woman, man or fictional character with enough creativity and make-up. She even recently released a make-up tutorial on how to become the new Angelina Jolie-style Maleficent:

Going to the same Halloween party as this girl must be depressing. No one would be able to beat her for best costume. Share her awesome tutorials and transformations with others by clicking the button below. This is seriously just too cool. Source: Promise Phan via Reddit

Read more: http://viralnova.com/makeup-master-of-disguise/

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