With medical technology advancing at the rapid pace it is, the day when our health is managed by an army of nanobots living inside our bodies is probably not that far off. But in the meantime, the next big trend is most likely 3-D-printed organs.

While you won’t be able to print them at home, what you can do on your own is make 3-D scaled replicas of your organs. Of course, these aren’t as impressive (or useful) as the real thing, but they are pretty cool.

For example, Redditor pandaofthenight used data from a recent MRI to create a 3-D-printed model of his own heart.

It’s actually a pretty simple process to do this yourself. You will need a baseline of technical know-how to get it done, though.

The short version is that you request a copy of the raw data from your MRI, render it using specialized software, and send it to your 3-D printer.

Of course, the quality of this printed heart is a little raw right now, but the quality of these plastic organs should increase dramatically in the coming years.

(source Reddit)

Now that is wicked! I’d love to have a few replicas of my organs on my mantle at home. Then I would definitely go out of my way to throw the occasional dinner party.

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