When you discard six pack rings (also known as six pack yokes), do you cut them into pieces? If not, you should. People aren’t joking when they say that those six little rings of plastic can do serious damage to the environment. Not only can those rings be litter and pollution, but if left whole, the rings can really hurt innocent wildlife. A man walked out on his porch one night and saw just what kind of damage they can do.

At first, it seemed like this possum was dead.

Then, he realized that she was just playing dead – and had a six pack holder digging deep into the skin around her neck.

He quickly cut off the tiny plastic noose.

She sat up, dazed, and was motionless for about half an hour.

It was obvious this little girl needed to catch her breath.

Soon, she wandered off into the woods… hopefully to recover.

THIS is exactly why you need to cut up those little rings. Helpless animals can get stuck in them and slowly suffocate (or become badly wounded). Help out the little guys and just cut them apart when you throw them away. Source: reddit.com Share this article and save more little animals from a terrible fate.

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