You know those backyard igloos we all tried to make as kids during the wintertime?

I had a lot of fun constructing them, even though my flimsy mounds of snow always ended up caved in. I haven’t really thought about building another one in years, but I’m seriously considering giving it another try now that I’ve seen this guy’s amazing creation.

Redditor cyrzee13 just completed one of the coolest projects I’ve ever seen by freezing colored blocks of water and using them to build a surprisingly beautiful igloo in his yard.

He put water in about 250 foil pans, added a couple drops of food coloring to a number of them, and let them freeze.

The first row of blocks was placed onto a packed snow base and tilted at a slight inward angle.

Then the Redditor began stacking more blocks on top, alternating colored and clear ones.

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