ATM skimming is the latest trend used by criminals to access your financial records and drain your account.

The entire process of skimming involves the installation of two devices into the ATM. The first device scans the data from your card, while the other has a built-in camera that records your pin number. Once installed, a thief can have access to tens or even hundreds of debit cards in just one day’s time. With advances in technology, these skimming devices have gotten smaller and much easier to conceal from the public than they once were.

This man was caught in the act.

In this skimming attempt, the crook dressed up as a repair man to avoid suspicion when working on the machine. Donning a wig and utility clothes, he was able to quickly install the skimming devices in the ATM.

As a result of the skimming scam, the criminals walked away with over $400,000 of other people’s hard-earned money. It is widely suspected that the criminal in this footage is a member of a Romanian gang that has come to Australia to scam hundreds of people out of their money.

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