On the morning of August 6, 1945, the course of history changed.

The bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, killed 80,000 people instantly. Thousands upon thousands would later die from the effects of radiation poisoning.

While the atomic bomb left its own mark on the world, perhaps the most haunting reminders from that day are the very physical “shadows” that still remain.

This person was most likely waiting for the Sumitomo Bank to open that day. When the bomb landed, they received the rays directly, probably passing away instantly.

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The Google Cultural Institute states, “The surface of the surrounding stone steps was turned whitish by the intense heat rays. The place where the person was sitting became dark like a shadow.”

That wasn’t the only permanent shadow that was created in the city of Hiroshima. In fact, they exist all over.

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The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum has preserved some of the shadows to live on as a reminder of what happened at the tail end of World War II.

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This tragedy will not soon be forgotten.

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