Frederick Callison has plenty of marketable skills, which is why the homeless man refuses to beg for money. Instead, he insists on working for anything he’s offered, going so far as to carry around copies of his resume, social security card, and food handler’s certificate.

After two years of living on the street, though, his luck may be about to change thanks to one young father who was inspired by his story.

When Michael Marteen saw how determined the 52-year-old was to work for a living, he shared his story and resume on Facebook.

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This homeless man was sitting outside of Smart and Final NOT asking for money. His sign said “Need work, and hungry” not…

Posted by Michael Marteen on Thursday, February 25, 2016

It wasn’t long before a local news station got word of the man’s story.

We hope that Callison finds work thanks to all the exposure his inspiring story has received. It’s amazing what one Facebook post can do for someone who’s fallen on hard times in their life.

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