Have you heard of Banksy? He is a well-known, anonymous street artist and political activist. He has said that he pines for a city that is more blended into its street art culture. He wants one that “feels like a party where everyone was invited, not just the estate agents and barons of big business. Imagine a city like that and stop leaning against the wall – it’s wet.”

Banksy puts his marks everywhere. More often than not, they are completely epic pieces of street art. Here are examples of artists that attempt to live up to Banksy’s dream to get the art off the walls and start melting into the streets.

First day of robot-school for the son of Under-bridge Droid.

Hail Hydra!

This giant plastic man is fairly interested in whatever that guy’s eating.

Hey what’s the opposite of rock bottom? Ehm, this!

Ice giraffe is completing his community service.

Who can say whether these statues of older folks are emerging out of the sidewalk or moonwalking back into it?

I don’t understand why more things aren’t made out of giant legos. I feel like construction would be soooo much easier.

One of Banksy’s originals. Dude hates landlines.

This train’s last stop was at someone’s acid trip in the 90’s.

This artists was like, “This street is cool, but it could be Pac-man.” And so it was.

Street art is the perfect way to bring my childhood nightmares to life. Thanks, I guess?

This is the kinda thing that I really really dig, but I don’t understand at all. Like heavy metal music.

This is sweet, but mannequin or not, this guy would get severally accosted in New York City for taking up that much sidewalk.

This is super and I imagine it blasts “Cherry Pie” by Warrant at all times.

Its tough being a city lawyer. This guy just lost his head-case. Badom *miss*

What dark spirit have these horses conjured?

This is the kind of uplifting piece that would go great in a park or around a koi pond.

Broad strokes.

This one is called “Politicians Discussing Global Warming” and it’s why I might actually vote this year. Personally I’m against zombies in puddles.

Taking street art VERY literally here.

Ice giraffe is completing his community service.

First day of robot-school for the son of Under-bridge Droid.

(H/T: Distractify.com)

Graffiti can make our cities works of art if we just allow it. Come on, government. Give this a share on Facebook!

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