Despite knowing more about the ocean depths than we’ve ever known before, it’s still safe to say that there are many untold horrors lurking there, miles beneath the surface. Of the few we know about, they would best be described as alien creatures.

The deep-sea hatchetfish certainly meets that standard.

These freaky-looking creatures are found in the temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

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Beyond their generally creepy appearance, these buggers have also evolved bioluminosity to help them catch food in the dark depths of the ocean.

We don’t encounter them much at the ocean’s surface. They spend most of their time at depths of anywhere from 160 feet to almost a mile down.

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The shape of their body is where they get the name hatchetfish from.

While they share a name, deep-sea hatchetfish are not related to their much less creepy counterparts found in fresh bodies of water around the world.

Ugh, that has got to be literally the creepiest fish in the world. I guess the only saving grace of drowning in the ocean is that I’ll be long dead before my body reaches the depths that these fish call home.

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